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One of Michigan Top Trucking Companies Serving Excellence since 2008

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Nationwide Coverage

With Sunway Transport, you can securely send your freight anywhere in the country. Regardless of shipping it from the East Coast to the West Coast, our carriers can make it happen.
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We Build Partnerships

We consider all our clients as partners, and by partners, we are obligated to help your business grow. Our duty is to make your logistics operations simple, fast, and dependable.
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Freight Optimization

Unlike most logistics companies that only offer "A" or "B" options, we are different. We do our best to give you a solution that utilizes all the options available to deliver top-quality logistics services.

Bridging the Gap Through Unbeatable Logistics

Your product is the heart of your business. Getting it to its destination on time without any damage is crucial to keep your operations running smoothly. Moreover, finding the most efficient approach is key to maximizing your profit. However, with so many carriers available — different priorities, routes, and prices — it can seem impossible to pull off a winning deal. You either have to compromise with costly freight services for fast and secure delivery or settle working with two or three carriers, delaying your goods and complicating your operations by dealing with more organizations.

Why Choose
Sunway Transport, Inc

When it comes to freight, nothing comes close to the dedication that we provide to our clients. At Sunway Transport, Inc, our priority isn’t just about sending your goods to their destination but making sure we pick and deliver them safely on time — all the time.

With years of experience and networks of dependable and trustworthy DOT-authorized carriers, we guarantee that your freight is in good hands. Sunway Transport, Inc understands how valuable your cargo is to you, and that’s why we are careful with our process.

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But What If We Told You That Shouldn't Be the Case!

With Sunway Transport, Inc Services Provider, you can have the best of both worlds. You can have a straightforward single-point-of-contact partnership that will take care of your freight and transport it to where it needs to be without the costly service or complicated arrangements. The only organization you need to talk to is us, and we’ll find the best deals that will save you money while making sure your freight arrives on time and in perfect condition.
UTX Logistics has a vast network of DOT-authorized motor carriers that can meet your transportation needs. With our logistics services, your freight will securely get to its destination — whether it’s to a neighboring state or to Canada, Sunway Transport, Inc got you covered.

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